blog images    If you are dealing with an extent of injury issue, DO NOT PROCEED WITHOUTH PROPER LEGAL COUNSEL.  Ask the injured workers at a field office of the Division of Workers’ Compensation how their claim went when they attempted to do it on their own.

              First of all, you are limited to two Benefit Review Conferences.  This places a time limit on your ability to get the medical records you will need to prove up your claim.  In many cases, a designated doctor will be selected after the first hearing.  Even if the designated doctor agrees with your position regarding the extent of injury, it will be of no use if the doctor does not meet all the elements required to establish causation.

You should always have a report from your treating doctor or a referral doctor which establishes the extent of injury.  To meet the standard of causation, the report must state the proper diagnosis, how the compensable injury caused or contributed to the diagnosis and how the force was introduced to that part of the body.

Your attorney and doctor should coordinate with each other to make sure the working and history of the accident are consistent.  Even with the heightened standard a prepared injured worker should be able to receive the needed care for recovery.

Daniel L Morris, The Morris Law Firm, info@themorrisfirm.net, (214)357-1782



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