Calculating Texas Child Support


One of the first questions we get from a parent is “how much will have to pay in child support?” In Texas, child support is controlled by statute. The court may order one or both parents to provide child support for a child until till the child reaches 18 years old, or until the child graduates from high school (whichever occurs later). You cannot avoid paying child support even if you are denied access to your child. In Texas, child support is calculated on the obligor’s net resources. If the obligor’s monthly net resources are less than $7,500 the percentage is 20% for one child, 25% for two, 30% for three, 35% for four, 40% for five and at least 40% for six or more children. If the net resources are greater than $7,500, the amount above 7,500 will be calculated by the court. In addition to the payment of net resources, the obligor will be responsible for the child’s health insurance or payments to the person providing the health insurance. The factors that reduce or increase child support are complicated. Start dates and suspension of child support can vary from case to case. Do not attempt to handle child support without legal representation. Call the Morris Law Firm’s Dallas office at (214)357-1782 or reach us via email at


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