Diminished Value after a Texas Auto Accident


Anyone who has been in an auto accident in Texas has seen the value of their vehicle goes down after the accident. Many times your car does not drive the same as before the accident, your belts and tires wear out faster and there are seams or ripples where the repair were done. Many people will not buy a vehicle that has damaged in an accident. When you pursue a diminished value claim on your vehicle, you are entitled to receive value for: quality or lack of quality of the repairs made on your vehicle, the value your vehicle has lost as a result of the damages and the damages your suffered as a result of the insurance companies denial of repairs requested by the auto body shop or mechanic. In states like Texas, it can be very difficult to establish diminished value. To establish diminished value you must provide evidence as to the decrease in value that your vehicle had as a result of the accident. If you’ve been in an auto accident that was not your fault, we can help you receive a more accurate value for the damage and losses done to your vehicle. Call the Dallas office of the Morris Law Firm at (214)357-1782 or via email at info@themorrisfirm.net.


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