Exceptions to Finality of Maximum Medical Improvement In Texas Workers Compensation Claims


In most Texas Workers Compensation claims, your impairment rating and date of maximum medical improvement becomes final ninety days from the date you receive the certification by verifiable means. However, there are Statutory exceptions to this found under Texas Labor Code §408.123(f). The exceptions exist when there is compelling medical evidence of a mistaken medical diagnosis, an undiagnosed condition, improper or inadequate medical treatment or other compelling circumstances. I’ve already blogged about inadequate treatment in http://themorrisfirm.net/blog/?p=332. This Statute was clarified regarding medical diagnosis in AP No. 121007 when the Appeals Panel Reversed and Rendered a hearing officer after a finding that Claimant did not meet an exception to the ninety day rule because there was no misdiagnosis before the date that Claimant received the certification by verifiable means. The Appeals Panel held that there is no requirement in the in §408.123(f)(1)(B) that the previously undiagnosed medical condition must have been present at the time of the first certification of MMI/IR. The Morris Law firm, (214)357-1782 info@themorrisfirm.net


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