Expunging Criminal Records in Texas


Our office is frequently contacted by potential clients who have criminal records of arrest, indictment or conviction. They want these records expunged because the records prevent them from getting into an apartment, better employment or any activity that requires a criminal background check. Expunging criminal records completely wipes them out. However, this is done in limited cases. What most clients really need can be done by a motion for non-disclosure or sealing of juvenile records. For a person to be eligible to expunge their Texas records of arrest, indictment and/or convictions, they must have had their case dismissed without any finding of guilt, been tried and acquitted by the trial court or convicted by the trial court and subsequently pardoned. Expunged records are totally destroyed and are not available, even to government agencies. Expunging criminal records does not apply to cases where the defendant pleads no contest or differed adjudication. If the defendant dies prior to having their records expunged, their close family may file to have the records expunged. If you do not meet the requirements to expunge your record, a motion for non-disclosure will prevent most problems that arise from a criminal background check. If you have any questions about your criminal record or that of a family member, contact the Dallas office of The Morris Law Firm at (214)357-1782 or via email at info@themorrisfirm.net.


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