How do I know if my employer is a Subscriber to Texas Workers Compensation?


Every State in the United States requires that employers carry a workers compensation insurance policy. That is every State except Texas. The State of Texas allows employers to voluntarily opt in or out of the Texas Workers Compensation system. In Texas, it is mandatory for governmental entities and for companies doing business with governmental entities to subscribe to the Texas Workers Compensation system. Employers that subscriber to the Texas Workers’ Compensation system are protected from general negligence injury claims brought by their employees. Non-subscriber employers have no protection from negligence injury claims. Both subscriber and non-subscribers can be found liable for gross negligence resulting in death claims. To find out if your employer is a subscriber to the Texas Workers Compensation system you can check the web site for the Texas Division of Workers Compensation, at The list is not always current online, so it is advisable that you call a local attorney that will look up coverage without charge. Coverage and insurance will make a big difference on how your claim should be handled. Always make sure that you understand your rights prior to finalizing any injury claim. The Morris Law Firm, Daniel L Morris (214)357-1782


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