How to Dispute My Texas Workers Comp Impairment Rating


The Rules for Texas Workers Compensation injuries provide that the first valid certification must be disputed within 90 days of receipt by verifiable means. If the certification is from a designated doctor, it may be disputed by filing a DWC-45 (Request for a Benefit Review Conference) disputing the impairment rating. If the certification is from another doctor, it may be disputed by either filing the DWC-45 or by filing a DWC-32 (Request for a Designated Doctor) for maximum medical improvement and impairment rating. There are currently many exceptions to the 90 day rule to dispute the impairment rating. These exceptions can be very tricky and you should consult with an attorney before making any decisions regarding the dispute. Once the decision is determined final, you cannot reopen the dispute. Therefore, make sure that you use the right exception to dispute any rating after the 90 has run. To dispute a rating, make sure that you have an alternative rating that abides by the AMA Guides and includes the entire compensable injury. There are deadlines for exchanges of evidence, so it is best that you have the alternative rating prior to requesting any hearing. The Morris Law Firm, Daniel L Morris (214)357-1782


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