Insurance Commissioner Mike Geeslin Won’t Seek Reappointment


Texas — Insurance Commissioner Mike Geeslin Won’t Seek Reappointment: CENTRAL [01/06/11] Texas Insurance Commissioner Mike Geeslin announced Wednesday that he doesn’t want to be reappointed to another term as head of the Department of Insurance. In a letter to Gov. Rick Perry, who appoints the commissioner, Geeslin said that after eight years with the department — including five and a half as commissioner — he has decided to leave. “This request is based on many considerations; the foremost being my family, and the other being the simple realization that it is time for someone else to lead,” the commissioner wrote. Geeslin has not indicated what his future plans are. His term ends Feb. 1, and he said he will “serve in whatever capacity is necessary for a smooth transition.” In his letter, Geeslin noted that the Texas insurance market has gone from $78 billion in 2005 to $102 billion now, “a sizeable force in both the United States and the world.” The same period saw the merger of the state’s insurance and workers’ compensation agencies, several major hurricanes, a major economic downturn and other challenges, Geeslin said. “My tenure at (the department) has proved to be the experience of a lifetime…Still, regardless of how much one enjoys the work, good agency management necessitates constant attention to developing leadership. Hence it is time to commence with change,” Geeslin wrote. Mark Hanna, public relations and membership director for the Insurance Council of Texas, said Geeslin’s successor “will soon find out that holding the position of Texas insurance commissioner is one of the most difficult and demanding jobs in state government.” Geeslin’s replacement will be chosen by Perry, and subject to confirmation by the Texas Senate. Source: Texas Department of Insurance


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