We have become a social media society. 27% of all online time is spent on social media network sites. Facebook has over 1.12 billion users. More than half of adults in the United States have a profile on a social networking site. If you are complementing or currently going through a divorce (or any kind of litigation), you need to be very conscious of anything you post online. Things you should know: -Anything you do online can and will likely be used against you; -Lawyers and their clients have been sanctioned for deleting social media content that they considered damaging to their case. Remember deleting embarrassing photos or incriminating wall posts constitutes spoliation of evidence. Also, in the digital age, “delete” doesn’t really mean “delete” anymore; there’s always a way to retrieve information once it’s placed on the Internet. Things you should do: -Bolster your privacy settings, or delete online photo albums; – If you maintain a blog, do not discuss the case, anything related to the divorce, or indeed any personal information that could be used against them; -Create a new web-based e-mail address, with a new password, to ensure that the ex doesn’t have access; -Make sure that you monitor what your children are doing online and with cellphones. A child’s Facebook page may contain references to problem issues like drugs, alcohol or relationships could become pivotal in a custody battle; and -Avoid online references to finances. Discussions about an expensive vacation, a bonus or raise at work, or a planned purchase can serve as evidence in a subsequent alimony or child support Proceeding. Social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter represent a revolution in the way people communicate and share information. This sharing can come with a high price for the unwary. If you have the will power, it might be a good time to take a hiatus from social media. Daniel L Morris, The Morris Law Firm,, (214)357-1782


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