Texas Construction Site Injury


In the state of Texas, most construction sites require the contractors to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Some job sites purchase an insurance policy to cover all the employers working at the job site. But, some require the subcontractors to purchase insurance for their own workers. When the individual employer is to carry their own coverage, some employers try and get around their contracts by bidding on a job then using sub-contractors for labor that do not have a workers’ compensation policy. The following points are a general outline of what to look at after an injury occurs. When an injury occurs at a construction site, you must look at: 1) What caused the accident: a) In Texas Workers’ Compensation, it doesn’t matter who was negligent, unless the employer committed gross negligence resulting in death. b) If the accident was caused by a third party not covered under the injured workers’ Texas Workers’ Compensation policy, there may be grounds for a third party claim. c) If the insurance policy is not a Texas Workers’ Compensation policy (this includes any non-subscriber policy), the injured worker may have claims against any party that is involved in the accident. 2) What insurance is out there: a) Most construction sites require that all workers’ are covered by Texas Workers’ Compensation. b) If the policy is another type of policy, the injured worker may have an additional claim against their employer and the other involved parties. c) If the injured worker finds that there is no insurance coverage protecting him, a claim may be made against any of the responsible parties. 3) What should the injured worker do: a) Report the injury as soon as possible. b) Get medical attention for all injuries right away. c) Know your legal rights by calling the Morris Law Firm in Dallas at (214)357-1782 or contacting us at info@themorrisfirm.net. Do not trust the advice of someone from the insurance company or that may not have your interest at heart.


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