Texas School Kids injured in Dart Escalator Accident


An escalator at DART’s Mockingbird Station apparently malfunctioned today. While riding the escalator down a group of students and their guardians felt the steps speed up as if there was nothing holding them back. They all crashed together at the bottom of escalator. One student appears to have suffered a broken leg. The cause of the accident is currently under investigation. However, there are reports that DART has not turned in any inspection reports for the last year, which violates the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Code. Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 754, requires building owners to obtain an annual safety inspection on all elevators, escalators and related equipment every 12 months, or possibly be subject to administrative penalties of up to $5,000 for each violation of this law. If it is found that DART was in violation, they could be found guilty of the fine and possibly negligent in the accident of the passengers. The Morris Law Firm, info@themorrisfirm.net (214)357-1782.


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