Work related injuries in Texas are generally handled through the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation. In the last few blogs we have discussed impairment ratings to injured workers’ neck and back. Injured workers whose neck or back injuries result in cauda equina syndrome without bowel or bladder impairment are at a DRE category VI. For a injured worker to be found at a DRE category VI under the Texas Workers’ Compensation system, he/she must have a verified, severe impairment, with partial loss of use of one or both upper/lower extremities that require the use of an external ambulation device. If an ambulatory device is not necessary, the injured worker is at a DRE category V. If you have questions about your impairment rating or any Texas Workers’ Compensation issue, call the Morris Law Firm at (214)357-1782 or email us at info@themorrisfirm.net.


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