Texas Workers’ Compensation Assistance


Once you had a work related injury in Texas, who should you rely upon for help? Generally, after a work related accident, you will receive a call from an investigator who works for the insurance company. The investigator will ask a lot of questions; many of which have nothing to do with your injury. These questions can help a private investigator to find you, or to give the insurance company alternative reasons as to how you may have been injured. In Texas, the insurance company may assign a nurse case manager to control the medical costs associated with your claim. Additionally, the insurance carrier may require you to treat with a doctor that is in one of their networks. Who is on your side of this claim? The medical expenses of a workers’ compensation claim can become very expensive. You need to have a medical provider who not only provides the care you need, but will help fight for that care. How do you find the right medical provider? How do you know the instructions you receive from the adjuster are in your best interest? Are your Temporary Income Benefits being paid at the correct rate? Your recovery and income benefits are too important to risk without experienced advice. At the Morris Law Firm, we have provided professional assistance to injured workers in Texas. We work with great medical providers who will have your medical care as their first interest (in or out of network). We can help to have your claim accepted, start or continue your Temporary Income Benefits, find the proper rate of your income benefits, and discover the extent of your injuries, dispute your date of maximum medical improvement and your impairment rating and we can help with supplemental or lifetime income benefits. You can reach the Morris Law Firm’s Dallas office at (214)357-1782 or via email at info@themorrisfirm.net.


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