Texas Workers Compensation, Designated Doctor’s Report


Rule 127.220 of the Texas Administrative Code requires that the report meet the following guidelines: (1) identify the question(s); (2) provide a clearly defined answer for each question; (3) sufficiently explain how the designated doctor determined the answer to each question within a reasonable degree of medical probability; (4) demonstrate, as appropriate, application or consideration of the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, division-adopted return-to-work and treatment guidelines, and other evidence-based medicine, if available; (5) include general information regarding the identity of the designated doctor, injured employee, employer, treating doctor, and insurance carrier; (6) state the date of the examination and the address where the examination took place; (7) summarize any additional testing conducted or referrals made as part of the evaluation; (8) include a narrative description of the medical history, physical examination, and medical decision making performed by the designated doctor, including the time the designated doctor began taking the medical history of the injured employee, physically examining the employee, and engaging in medical decision making and the time the designated doctor completed these tasks; (9) list the specific medical records or other documents the designated doctor reviewed as part of the evaluation, including the dates of those documents and which, if any, medical records were provided by the injured employee; (10) be signed by the designated doctor who performed the examination; (11) include a statement that there is no known disqualifying association as described in §127.; (12) certify the date that the report was sent to all recipients required by and in the manner required by §127.10 of this title; and (13) indicate on the report that the designated doctor reviewed and approved the final version of the report. This Rule sates that the above requirements are the minimum that a designated doctor must comply with. If you feel that your designated doctor did not comply with the above requirements, contact an attorney to assist you in disputing the designated doctor’s report. Daniel L. Morris, The Morris Law Firm, (214)357-1782, info@themorrisfirm.net


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