Texas Workers’ Compensation Injuries Outside of Texas


I’ve recently seen more cases of Texas workers that are working for their company in Texas, that go out of state for a job or an assignment and are injured while traveling or working out of state. Every state has different laws that cover work related injuries. If you live in Texas, it can be difficult to have your work related injury handled by another state. How do you know when you can elect to use the Texas Workers’ Compensation system for your injury? The Texas Labor Code provides that if a Texas worker is injured while working outside of Texas, they are entitled to Texas Workers’ Compensation benefits as if they had been injured in Texas. To establish that the injured worker is a Texas worker, they must show significant contacts with Texas. This may be proven by establishing: 1) that the worker was recruited in Texas within the last year; or 2) They worked in Texas for at least 10 days within the last year; If you were injured outside of Texas and want to see if your claim can be handled though Texas Workers’ Compensation, contact the Morris Law Firm at (214)357-1782, (817)496-3447 or via email at info@themorrisfirm.net.


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