With the creation of Texas Labor Code §408.031, the Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation, created health care networks to provide treatment for injured workers. Prior to September 1, 2005, injured workers were able to select their own doctor to provide treatment for their injuries. Now many injured workers are limited in the selection of doctor that can provide them treatment for their work related injuries. The injured worker must make a decision if that doctor actually has their best interest in regards to the treatment. The injured work must ask themselves the following questions: a) Does the doctor contact the employer to help make medical decisions; b) Does the doctor only treat a portion of the injury, explaining that they must treat one condition then another later; c) Does the doctor fail to make referrals for diagnostic testing or to specialist that would help to define or treat the conditions; d) Does the doctor fail to place proper restrictions on an ability to work; or e) Does the doctor act like the patient is not his first interest? If a doctor’s priority is not the care and recovery of their patient, it may be time to seek a new doctor. Although doctors within the networks are very limited by the insurance carriers, there are options. Attorneys that handle workers compensation claims can assist in finding the doctors whose first concern is for their patient and not only cost control. Ultimately, the injured worker is in charge of their care. There are many deadlines that can affect both the financial and medical benefits in a Texas Workers Compensation claim. Make sure that these deadlines are understood and find assistance that is familiar with them. The Morris Law Firm info@themorrisfirm.net (214)357-1782


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