Texas Workers Compensation, Know Your Rights


When someone suffers a work related injury in Texas, it is extremely important to understand their rights. Most people depend up the claims administrator or their employer to explain their rights to them. However, both of those parties may have an adverse position to the injured worker. If you are injured while in the course and scope of your employment, make sure you know how to handle your claim. Were you injured through an act of someone not with your employer? If you are receiving benefits, has your employer included your fringe benefits in the calculation of your Average Weekly Wage? If you have returned to work at a restricted duty status, are you being paid your pre-injury weekly wage and is your employer abiding by the restrictions? Does your doctor listen to what you need, or abide by your employer’s instructions? The above are just a few of the questions you need to answer if you have been injured on the job. The insurance carriers use attorneys to defend their position. Should you do any less?


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