If you are dealing with a work related injury in Texas, you will quickly find out that the administrative system puts a lot of importance on dates. There are many deadlines that must be complied with and dates which change how your claim will be handled. Probably the most important and most litigated date is the date of Maximum Medical Improvement, commonly referred to as MMI. The Division of Workers’ Compensation Rules define Maximum Medical Improvement as: The earliest date after which, based on reasonable medical probability, further material recovery from or lasting improvement to an injury can no longer reasonably be anticipated The date may not be after 104 weeks from the accrual date of disability, unless it is extended due to spinal surgery. After the date of Maximum Medical Improvement, the injured worker is no longer eligible to receive Temporary Income Benefits. You will receive your date of Maximum Medical Improvement on a DWC-69 form. If you are not in agreement with this date, you have ninety days to dispute it from the date you receive it by verifiable means. Daniel L. Morris, The Morris Firm, (214)357-1782, info@themorrisfirm.net


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