Texas Workers Compensation Network Report Card 2013


In 2005, the Texas Legislature along with Governor Perry signed HB7 into law. HB7 created healthcare networks for injured workers in the Texas Workers Compensation system. These networks limited the injured worker’s ability to select their own treating doctor. The initial review of the networks found that the networks increased medical costs and lowered outcome and satisfaction. The 2013 Workers’ Compensation Network Report Card Results have been published by the Texas Division of Workers Compensation. Not much has changed since 2005. Although a few networks are attempting to provide prompt and qualified care, most provide care that is more expensive with worse outcomes. As a nation there is a lot of opposition to creating a nationally controlled medical system. However, the great State of Texas is creating the same type of controlled system for its injured workers. How can we believe that it may not work on a national level, but force it upon our injured workers? They have done this even after it is seen that it does not work for our state. Why do we refuse to give the Texas workers their right to choose their own doctor? Daniel L Morris The Morris Law Firm (214)357-1782 info@themorrisfirm.net


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