Texas Workers’ Compensation Why Have My Temporary Income Benefits Stopped?


The State of Texas allows employers to voluntarily subscribe to the statutory workers’ compensation program. If your employer is a subscriber to the Texas Workers’ Compensation program, when you are injured at work and are not able to perform your normal job duties, you may receive Temporary Income Benefits until you reach maximum medical improvement. If your Temporary Income Benefits have been suspended by the insurance company, it is likely to be for one of the following reasons: A) Carrier has completed their investigation. Insurance carriers have 60 days to investigate a work related claim. They should initiate benefits while the claim is pending. If they began paying your benefits, they may suspend those benefits within 60 days when they’ve completed the investigation. B) You were released to return to work by your doctor. If your doctor has released you to full duty work, you are not currently entitled to Temporary Income Benefits. If your doctor places you under restrictions in the future, you may be eligible for Temporary Income Benefits at that time. C) Your employer made a bona fide offer of employment. If your doctor has you under restrictions, your employer may make you an offer of employment within those restrictions. This offer must meet the Rules set forth by the Division of Workers’ Compensation. D) You were found to be at Maximum Medical Improvement. If your doctor or a state designated doctor has found you at maximum medical improvement, your Temporary Income Benefits end. If your benefits have been suspended for any of the above reasons, you need an attorney. It may take months to get your benefits re-instated after they have been suspended. There are now restrictions on how to get a hearing and how many hearings are allowed. Do not hesitate to get competent advice. The Morris Law Firm is located in Dallas Texas. (214)357-1782. email info@themorrisfirm.net


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