Theft is not limited to the actual person who removes the item from its location, it may include multiple parties. Theft as defined in Texas Penal Code Section 31.03 constitutes a single offense superseding the separate offenses previously known as theft, theft by false pretext, conversion by a bailee, theft from the person, shoplifting, acquisition of property by threat, swindling, swindling by worthless check, embezzlement, extortion, receiving or concealing embezzled property, and receiving or concealing stolen property. The charge for theft can range from a Class C Misdeomeaner up through a 1st Degree Felony. As the section indicates, the charge of theft includes: the actual theft of an item, passing bad checks, shoplifting, buying or selling stolen property, etc. If you are accused of theft, not only are you potentially liable for the criminal act, you may be sue in civil court by the victim. If you have been accused of theft, do not hesitate to contact the Dallas office of the Morris Law Firm at (214)357-1782 or by email at


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