Will My Texas Workers’ Compensation Claim be Denied?


Once your Texas Workers’ Compensation Claim has been reported, your employer’s insurance carrier will receive written notice from the Division of Workers’ Compensation.  From the date of written notice, the insurance carrier has 60 days to investigate your claim.

In the past, insurance carriers would use a three contact method for their investigation.  They would contact the injured worker (claimant), the medical provider and the employer.  Generally a recorded statement was taken of the injured worker to see how the injury occurred, the body parts claimed and any possible pre-existing conditions.

In today’s environment we see a lot less effort in the investigation.  You will receive a PLN-1 (Plain Language Notice 1) from the insurance carrier giving you their position in regards to your claim.  After the PLN-1, any subsequent notices will be on PLN-11 forms.

Pay very close attention to any notice that you receive from the insurance carrier because they can affect your disability benefits and/or your medical treatment.

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