Impairment for Distal clavicle resection arthroplasty



Recently there have been insurance company doctors which have been teaching that the impairment rating of a Texas injured worker could exclude the rating for a distal clavicle resection arthroplasty.  However, the Appeals Panel of the Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation has provided clarification in Appeal No. 151158-S.

In the above case, the Appeals Panel cited the Fourth Ed. of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment from 3/62 and stated “in the presence of decreased motion, motion impairments are dirived separately (Sections 3.1f through 3.1j) and combined with arthroplasty impairments using the Combined Values Chart…”

Injured workers in Texas must be ever mindful that there are attempts to limit their benefits (indemnity and medical).  Make sure that your claim is being handled correctly, or you could loss treatment and even money that you deserve.

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