Texas Workers’ Compensation: Who Can Be My Treating Doctor?


med exam

One of the most important things a person needs to do after suffering from a work related injury in Texas is to select a treating doctor.  The treating doctor works with the injured work to help them recover from their injuries, they request the proper diagnostic studies, treatment and referrals to specialists.

When selecting a treating doctor, it first needs to be determined if their employer requires employees to select a treating doctor or if they are limited to doctors in a pre-selected network.

If they have a non-network employer, the injured worker may select a M.D., D.C. or a D.O as their treating doctor.  Changes of treating doctor must be approved through the Division of Workers’ Compensation.  In a network claim, changes are approved by the claims adjuster.  The injured worker is entitled to one change of treating doctor.

Do not allow the adjuster or employer to select the treating doctor.  The injured worker should have a treating doctor that has recovery as the first priority and not cost containment.

Daniel L Morris, The Morris Law Firm,  info@themorrisfirm.net (214)357-1782


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