Texas Workers’ Compensation: Medical Treatment


med exam

In 1991, Texas changed how workers’ compensation claims are handled by separating the medical treatment and the disability payments to the injured worker.  This was done to allow injured workers to receive medical treatment without settlement negotiations affecting the treatment.

However, in 2006, The Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation allowed Insurance companies, certified self-insured employers, groups of certified self-insured employers, and political subdivisions can set up their own networks or contract with certified networks.

When an injured worker seeks medical treatment, it must be be determined if they can treat with a doctor of their choosing or they must find a doctor within the network.  Injured workers are limited on how many changes they can make when selecting their treating doctor.  Therefore, they should always consult with a person knowledgeable in the Workers’ Compensation system when selecting a treating doctor.

Daniel L Morris, The Morris Firm, info@themorrisfirm.net, (214)357-1782


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